Ready to share your story in a song?

Songwriting Simplified

How To Write a Song Even If You Don't Play An Instrument

Write a memorable, song that shares your experiences and

your view of the world

with this easy, songwriting system.

Stop Blank Page PANIC with Songwriting Simplified

Inside this Book ThE Songwriting Fairy

will sprinkle wisdom :

  • Find the Feeling the secret to creating a song that resonates.

  • Lyrics Share your story outline your song choose a song structure.

  • Bang Out the Beat Choose a genre learn rythym and where to find it

  • Make Your Melody Find the chords that fit your song and create a chord progression then sing your melody, even if you don't play an instrument!

  • Tie it All Together put together all the segments create your song

The first edition of Songwriting Simplified was #1 New Release on Amazon

and a top seller! I am excited to share with you the new and revised edition!

It is no longer on Amazon so this is the only place to purchase this book.

Share Your Story In A Song

Unlock the transformative power of music and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of songwriting. This ebook, "Songwriting Simplified," is not just about crafting melodies and lyrics—it's a profound exploration of your unique voice, emotions, and experiences expressed through music.

Write On!



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